The College of Air Traffic Control has been established since 1991

it's the first College in the Middle East and Africa that graduates qualified air Traffic Controllers.
This College is considered to be one of three Colleges on the international level that the grants university degree.
The graduates work as air traffic controllers according to the National Air Navigation Services Company requirements. That approved by the Ministry of Civil Aviation.
The College is currently developed and provided with the modern training equipments that coincide with the latest aviation systems and that management and upgraded of the Aviation movement through satellites, to be on the top of the specialized global Colleges in this field.

Training Programs

Course (051)

Air Traffic Control Assistant/Basic

Course Objectives :
• The trainee will be able after completing this course to reach a satisfactory level to meet the basic requirements for Air navigation services personnel. The trainee after successfully completion will be able to start training through the Aerodrome Control course, or the AIS other courses.

Course (052)

Atc License and Aerodrome Control

Course Objectives :
•Given lectures and practical training in an Air Traffic Control Tower simulator, the trainees will be able to control aircraft in the vicinity of the aerodrome, resolve conflict and carry out all the necessary coordination to the standard required for entry to on job training for the aerodrome control rating.

Course (053)

Non-Radar Approach Control

Course Objectives :
After having successfully completed this course, the trainee will be able to:
• Define the responsibilities of air traffic control for transferring the arriving and departing traffic and apply speed control.
• Apply standard phraseology for departing/ arriving aircraft and fill the strip (departure\arrival) as required.
• Identify and apply the appropriate separation minima and criteria.

Course (055)

Non-Radar Area Control

Course Objectives :
To train students in accordance with Egyptian Civil Aviation regulations and (ICAO) standards and recommended practices to handle national and international flights overflying within Egyptian Flight information region .

Course (054)

Approach Radar Control

Course Objectives :
•On the completion of the course, the trainee will be able to:
o Explain the principles of operation of Primary and Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR) systems.
o Describe the factors which may affect the performance of Primary and Secondary Surveillance Radar systems.
o Describe the methods of displaying SSR derived information.

Course (054A)

Area Radar Control

Course Objectives :
Explain principles of operation of primary and secondary surveillance radar (SSR) systems.
• Vector aircraft within en-route or area radar sector.
• Monitor known air traffic to provide aircraft concerned with information or advice relative to any significant deviations from their ATC clearances.

Our Facilities

051 LAB
052 LAB
054 LAB
054A LAB


Eligibility Requirements For Enrollment ...

1- university degree
2- To pass the medical and psychological tests at Air Force Medical Center (on his own).
3- To pass the English Language Test, Computer Skills Test and the interview.
Required Document ...

1- A Copy of university degree.
2- A copy of Birth Certificate or an authorized copy of it.
3- 6 recent photographs.
4- Military service status (for Egyptian only)

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